How far in advance should I place an order?

Typically 4-6 weeks is enough lead-time for any custom or large order.

What is a tart cake and will I like it?

I may be biased but it might just be the best dessert you've ever had.

It is a fruit tart with a soft cookie layer and whipped frosting. 

How do I store my tart cake for later enjoyment?

I highly recommend refrigerating your cake until ready to eat. It is ok to be left out

in a cool and dry environment for a couple of hours.


How do I cut my chocolate chip cookie cake?

Best to cut with a serrated knife, or dive right in and break off layer by layer.

How much are your tart cakes?

All pricing can be found on my shop page. I charge per serving, not per letter or

number or shape since all numbers, letters and shapes are different sizes. There is no standard size but there is a minimum of 15 servings on these.

Do I need to keep macarons in the fridge?

If you will be enjoying them the same day, you can leave them on the counter.

If you'd like to hold them for the next day they can be stored in the fridge in their container. Or if you have loads of self-control you can store them in the freezer,

just wrap the container in plastic, but make sure to bring them to room

temperature before eating.

What is a serving?

A serving size is a portion of treats that one person would consume. 

Do you make decorated sugar cookies or traditional cakes?

Unfortunately, I am not skilled in that department, but I have some talented baker friends that I can recommend you to.